You are about to embark on a journey of your own choosing. By entering into a pact with the devil Mephistopheles you may choose the path of a worshipper of idols and be tempted by the apparent riches and spoils of the idolised. You might choose the path of an individual who struggles against nihilism, a lack of purpose and disillusionment of the state of the modern world. Will you usher in the age of the Hero? Will you fight the dragon and claim its hoard? Or maybe, you will choose to create change on a grand scale, will you listen to your subjects and all their demands and wishes, or will you grasp power for all its pleasure and increase your control over the State and its people? Be warned however, none of this comes free of charge, once a deal with the devil has been made you forfeit your eternal soul into the service of Satan when you eventually must pass through the gates of hell, but is this the only price to be paid, what are the ethical and moral repercussions of your decisions? It is all up to you.

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